Andre Eikmeier


The story of Australia's most interesting business (2 part video)

Note: Scott and Andre both love a chat so we split OO#8 into two parts - Part 1 gives you the pre & early years of Vinomofo coming to be, or scroll down for Part 2 with modern day Vinomofo lessons & some epic Q&A.

Online Offline #7 brings Andre Eikmeier, co-founder of Vinomofo - the wine retailer who's motto 'No Bowties and Bullshit' gives you an idea of how they dropped the stuffy and made buying wine fun.

The Vinomofo boys sold the business and then bought it back. They're bootstrapped early days then last year attracted $25m in VC funding. They really value culture, both interacting with the brand and within the team. They've expanded operations into NZ & Asia, just launching in Singapore. They're over 100 mofo's strong and are frequently listed as one of the best places to work in Australia. They call their customers mofo's. Enough said