online-offline is a series of meditations on the future

I’m Holyn 👋🏾 and I’m many things — an investor, operator, community builder, designer, theorist, and complex human. You may know me from Twitter where I used to work, from an essay a friend or colleague sent you, a pitch call, as a collaborator on a project, or maybe we actually met IRL once upon a time …

Either way, I’m excited to think out loud with you and share ideas. So what will I write about? I’m most interested in the convergence of IRL (real life) and URL (digital life).

People are the basis of my interest; I’m much more concerned with the why (behaviors) than the what (new Apple glasses).

But to be fair, I’ve always been allergic to strict rules and don’t feel the need to be definitive and subsequently restrict how I see and process the world. So, buckle up and let’s see where this takes us 🎢 Make sure to subscribe so you’re notified.

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